About Me

For me, Fine Art equals self-reflection and self-expression, which is the reason I am always looking for an appropriate medium to express myself fully. Currently, the fine balance between painting and interior design is what suits and inspires me the most.

After being interconnected with art ever since I can remember, I went on to graduate in Atelier of Free Creativity 3D (Fine Art Faculty, Technical University in Košice) in 2015. I engage in and create multifaceted art including painting, installation, sculpture, interior design, architecture, performance, graphics, video, interactive projects, and combined techniques.

Sharing my art with the world is incredibly personal, as it expresses my thoughts and feelings. Only honest art, coming for the heart is true art. Have a look at the gallery to see my world and art through my eyes. If you enjoy it, feel free to share it or buy it. I would love to connect with you to see how we can cooperate.